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needle-free mesoporation

Feel the Timeless Beauty

Mesmerie Mesolift serums for needle-free mesoporation are new generation serums with active ingredients that provide:

  • Brightening effect – Reduction of pigmented zones
  • Revitalizing, Regenerating & Moisturizing effect – Quick revitalization and hydration of the skin
  • Firming effect – Strengthening skin structure and toning
  • Anti-Age effect – Skin rejuvenation
  • Slimming, firming & Anti-cellulite effect – Combat fat deposits, eliminate toxins and tighten the skin
  • Anti-Wrinkle effect – Wrinkle and fine line reduction

innovative approach

Mesolift Serums for Body, Weight Loss and Cellulite

Serums with an innovative approach in weight loss treatments improve the appearance of the skin and target action to break down fat deposits and eliminate cellulite. Intensively improve elasticity and skin tone.  They are intended for parts of the body that are prone to retaining fat deposits and liquids. In the body treatments it is best to combine both serums.

Application:  Apply the Mesolift body serums directly to your body’s thoroughly prepared skin, and then apply needle-free mesoporation treatment according to the given protocol.

Consumption per treatment: 10-25ml, depending on the area being treated.



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mesoporation, radiowave lifting


mesoporation, radiowave lifting,
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needle-free mesoporation

Treatment Protocol

Treatment protocol for Mesmerie Mesolift serum for face and body with Mesolift machine for needle-free mesoporation

On previously cleaned and prepared skin of the face (body), apply the chosen Mesmerie Mesolift Face Serum (body).

The serum is first applied to one half of the face (part of the body being treated), in the amount necessary to cover the surface of the skin, in order to facilitate the movement of the probe.

After applying the MESO PROBE serum, press the face (use the MESO BODY PROBE for the body) and press the START button. The duration of the mesoporation is 10 minutes per each side, and the intensity varies from 10-30. It is desirable to start with the intensity 10 and amplify it to the point of acceptance for the client, the optimum is 17-20.

If the skin absorbs the serum during the treatment, it must be applied again due to the easy movement of the probe.

When it ends with one side of the face (body), switch to application on the other side, and the entire procedure is repeated.

After mesoporation, press the STOP button. (Here, the treatment protocol for the body ends).

Note: Never use the appliance in the area of the neck and neckline.

Mesmerie Mesolift serums can be combined with one another. The basic serum Hyaluron Intensive Serum MS-04 is added to make the probe move easier.

After completing a needle-free mesoporation treatment, apply the desired Mesmerie Peel off mask to your face.

Treat the finish with Mesmerie professional cream according to the skin type of the client. Advise a client about the importance of regular home care.

Mesolift Home Care Products

Cleansing Products

Gentle milk and tonic with active ingredients that remove make-up and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, cleansing the pores from impurities. They make the skin fresh, clean and perfectly hydrate and revitalize it.

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